Corporate Websites are Obsolete

11 SEP 2015

Websites will always be the first impression of who you are, and what you do. However at the rate of mobile users increasing every year as shown below more wesbites are just turning Obsolete when it comes to web responsiveness.

Every single corporate website owner or owners need to consider, this fact very carefully. The precious short span of time, for an opportunity to get your audience attentioninterestand to engage them, in return they can provide some invaluable feedback is what it’s all about, and it will all be evaluated in a matter of seconds by your audience the moment they load your website from thier mobile devices.

Plenty of corporate websites today, ranging from commercial to education has yet to see the responsive new trend that is taking the world wide web by storm.

Herebelow a quick review on a Global Data Snapshot of Mobile users booming around the world and still growing, and this was last years data.

Above reference taken from :

We are in the era where we need  websites to be user-friendly and that is expected more today, than ever before.  It has become a thing of the past where web developers were faced with issues on browser compatibilities from Internet Explorer to Firefox. Then Chrome came along to join in, and then later on Opera, and now, it  has to be user-friendly on iPad/tablet and all mobile devices as well.

Is it just me? Or has the world in "web development" gone bonkers over the demands on it, when the word “responsive” is mentioned, every so often we would see a web developers head turn and snap, to the point you would wonder, if it is really that hard to achieve.

Well, it's not. But there are definitely other factors involved on why some are not ready to follow the band wagon, but we will reserve that for our next article.

In general when it comes to design and development of web pages, we would definitely like to see more websites like these shown below;

Turn into these;

"Yes it does make heads turn, to see a website so elegantly presented!"

The good news is, this is very good for web development companies to begin showing their skills and design concepts with bootstrap, Java loaded responsive scripts, HTML5 implementation of CSS animations. We can deploy much faster too with all the tools that are available to us. Its good news for our clients as well, but that doesn’t mean it makes our work any easier.

We now have more angles to work on, to make sure that a responsive website, really does look good on all, if not most mobile platforms from iOS to Android, and the upcoming Ubuntu(For mobile), and for iPad/Tablet devices as well.

Yes it does make heads turn, to see a website so elegantly presented, that it makes the owner proud to know they are in the “IN” zone when it comes to websites trends and fashion of the now.

But more importantly our clients know that they are receiving the best possible quality when it comes to responsive designs we have engineered just for our clients.

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