Ecommerce - Booming in South East Asia by 2016

05 OCT 2015
In 2011, the total e-commerce transaction was RM842 million and is expected to surpass RM1.9 billion by 2016 (Euromonitor). A Nielsen study estimated that this will hold true through their projections as the market continues to evolve and grow in this direction as shown below.

Where we have notice from small ecommerce stores to large e-commerce stores it has been seen that, it will dominate South East Asia online sites by the end of 2016.

The greatness of the internet being a medium of delivery in terms of media based content, text, pictures, videos, and even simple animations, has evolved into a form of online shopping experience that transverse across so many platforms and  people nowadays have become very accustomed and used to buying goods and services online.

This is in fact an emerging market that has been brought on by the encouraging of opening up our borders and making the world a really much smaller and tight knit community, thanks to the internet. Any product commercially available can now be sourced to its original equipment/goods manufacture allowing people to find a cheaper source than those advertised on casual retailers.

This in return creates a lot of pockets to be filled in by middle man, and sub distributors, to purchase the commodity in bulk to resell it to the end user.

Aside from similar competitive products we are also observing an increase of unique range of niche products whereby  new blue oceans are created from it, such products such as  drones and  unique products founded by Kickstarter, example the pebble,  programs have all created and awareness for those who seek to own some products such as these.

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