Is your Website becoming an Infobesity (Infoxication)?

15 SEP 2015

We want to tell our readers and viewers a message, and something of importance. But what is it? We struggle a lot today trying to make sense of the entire information overload and yet we fail to see that information is not knowledge. 

“Information is not knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein

Having your website becoming a splash screen of overloaded information is not uncommon, as it involves many factors for each website during its design stages to be known for additional input and reviews form the website owners.

However thorough proper copywriting and analysis with the right team performing website reviews, today we have an advantage, as we can decide the best way to arrange content on your website, thanks to google analytics and other traffic analysis application available on the market (IBM Traffic Prediction Tool), we can now, in lament terms, analyze every traffic on our website while it is being tracked, informing the web owners what is more important to their frequent and new incoming visitors on thier website.

Some examples of information overloaded websites;

In short here are the 5 simple steps to unclutter your website and reorganize your website into something that your audience will appreciate.

  1. Use web analytics on your website ( Example Google Analytics, its Free!)
  2. Track your traffic to your website and see what is important to your audience.
  3. Sort out the important information that your audience seek out within the top 5.
  4. Rank these top 5 information and place it on your home screen, Home banners or collage it neatly.
  5. Re-analyze your visitor traffic behaviours and keep up with their patterns, then repeat steps 2-5.

Information is merely a click, or in today’s more accurate terms, a Google search away. Depending on your query, there’s likely at least a dozen, if not hundreds, of blogs on a similar topic, and the last thing you need is to overload your potential audience with an information overload, when you want them to be decisive and also focus on the point you want to market, sell, indulge, or influence them.

Some examples of websites which are focused and concise;

We hope more websites today will see a change in this cancerous if not plague of infoxication, so that we may spare our future generations the need to use automated filtering systems just to get to the core of it all, which is "what is it all about?"

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