The Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

15 OCT 2010

Is it an art or a science? Search Engine Optimization is a special field of study all on its own, but one thing is certain: if you are going to be successful in driving traffic to your site, you must be proficient in the use thereof.

Why is it Important? Because this is the part of promoting your site that will determine how much traffic you will derive from Internet searches by users. If you learn the basics and additional tips and tricks, you will have a chance at a really good success ratio. And that will mean money in your pocket if you are in the business of ecommerce on the Internet.

How Does it Work? SEO optimization is all about understanding the process of improving not just quantity but quality of web traffic. The most important piece of the puzzle is in learning how to use keywords. Knowing this helps in placing your site in higher rankings at the top of search engine pages which gives prime access to readers.

The human side of the equation seeks to understand the complex search habits of users and then quantifying that information with knowledge of algorithms that drive the search process. Interconnected with all of this is the tackling of problems that might prevent a search indexing program from being able to fully ‘spider’ or capture a website.

The relationship between site developers (webmasters) and the search engines can be contentious. The reason is because some unscrupulous webmasters try to use keywords and other methods to artificially drive a website to the top of a search. The search engines employ ‘spiders’ or ‘crawling’ which indexes sites which places them in search results. The search engines all have tools that can aid in the process.

Live by SEO, Die by SEO. Due to the fluidity of search engines and their algorithms, attempting to make a living by sheer SEO optimization alone will have varying degrees of success. And the fickle nature of users makes for a maddening process if used alone. More search engine results does not guarantee more sales. Also, if you attempt to place all of your efforts into this method of gaining website traffic and you indeed are making a good living, the question comes up: what happens if something that is out of your hands changes which stop the traffic to your site? You would be facing a serious drop in business.

That is why it is best to understand what you need to about SEO, but not at the expense of using other tools to drive traffic to your site. If you use a well-crafted strategy that includes SEO activities as well as other proven methods for web traffic, then if one of them suddenly drops in effectiveness, you will not be left without any traffic whatsoever.

Know Your Business. The wise website developer understands a wide range of options and puts the requisite amount of time and effort into building a long-term strategy to keep the website filled with appropriate traffic which will bring in the necessary money to keep it going. This is the best way to keep traffic flowing and business moving ahead.

Optima provides affordable and reliable SEO services. Our clientele includes StarProperty, Time.Com.My, Tunabay Island Resort. Many of these have achieved very high ranking in a very short period of time. Importantly, Optima’s SEO services concentrates on approved techniques, therefore never endangering client’s web sites for unlawful or blackhat practices.

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