What Good Web Design is all About!

08 OCT 2015

Being from Malaysia a very diverse and culturally rich country, as a graduate from Art and Design, and also an active member of the Web Digital Design Community for more than 18 years, there is one thing we always are subjectively in scrutiny of; how do you define a good web design practice when it comes to website design and development?

The issue here is we all tend to see things from a different perspective and angle on how design is good or bad, but the basic notion of it all is that for good designers, it’s all about practicality and ease of use for the general public.

However the more simple a website design is, it does not mean the process a designer took to achieve it is simple. It actually requires careful analysis and thinking with scrutiny from every possible angle, when a design is drafted to its final product review. It must be objectified, and accepted by our clients.

There is an old proverb saying that “too many cooks spoil the broth” it applies to designers as well.

To sell a design is even more complicated, as it has to be digested, relating to the clients point of view and perspective, of the message it conveys to them. Questions the designer has to ponder are like, how it makes them think and feel about it, what it reminds them of, what questions they could ask, and what conclusions will they draw out form the final design. These are among the important questions a designer will need to ponder on, and the end result can remain as vague as it is subjective.

There is an old proverb saying that “too many cooks spoil the broth” in simple English it means, it to many people are involved in a task, it will not be done well. In this scenario it does hold more truth in it, in the phrase itself.

Good designs are done by one artist who can capture the many. It is imperative that the final artwork must be able to capture and captivate his or her audiences’ entire mind.

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