Bring your publication into the tablet era:

Apps, iBooks, and eBooks

Our digital expertise includes strategy, design, build and maintenance. We work with leading brands to develop effective digital publishing solutions. We incorporate the latest technology with creative insight to promote your services and products, keeping your company brand and integrity intact.

For Who?

  • Magazines and Newspapers Publishers
  • Book Publishers
  • Media
  • Digital and Marketing Companies
  • Corporations

Ready to get into Digital Publishing?

  • Marketing Digital Publications Through Apps
  • Publish highly interactive content to major digital platforms, from tablets to smartphones
  • Including digital stores like Apple iBooks and Android eBooks
  • Cost effective and better solution

Key Features


Mobile Device & App

Your publications can be created in iBooks Author, HTML5 as well as ePUB 3 and they can be viewed on Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

We include unique interactive elements, crafting amazing mobile user experiences and designs.

Interactive Experiences

We are targeting the new projects development of Digital Publishing with new highly interactive features and multimedia such as audio, video, animation, interactive images to make your media engaging, with readers able to literally reach out and touch your content.

A higher level of interactivity enhances user experience, ultimately achieving a more effective communication of the content.


New digital & interactive marketing tools

Digital Publications are powerful marketing tools, tremendously effective in the engagement and the message involvement providing new sources of the product information.

They drive traffic to a company's or product’s website. They increase brand awareness with powerful Social Media tools. They are search engine optimized, reaching independently readers and potential customers.

They make your publishing unique, display information and media in new and exciting ways rather than look at static diagrams and pictures in a traditional print book. They represent a highly accessible resource for companies.