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Search Engine Marketing as a new form of marketing communication. It is a targeted advertising strategy that exploits the power of search engines to direct Internet users to your website.

Today's most popular and most powerful search engine on the Internet is Google and they have a suite of services, called Google Adwords, that allows advertisers to maximize their advertisement budget spend for the greatest returns. They are also catered for a wide range of budget.

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The target market of Internet users are those in the 25 to 40 year old age group. As it is commonly known, this demographics are the biggest consumers.

Almost 67% was spent on Internet (both on conventional PCs and mobile devices either reading materials or watching video) as oppose to 39% reading newspaper and magazines. That is to say that there are several times more readership than printed media!

The cost is minuscule compared to traditional media. While a reasonable campaign using printed and electronic media may run into hundreds of thousands, Google Adwords, on the other hand, gives better impact and reach within the region of tens of thousands.

It is precisely targeted to your customer profile. With Google Adword, the placement of your ad will appear on the searched keyword and searcher's location of your choice. Whenever anyone search a keyword, your advertisement will appear.

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Engage your audience

Types of advertisement

Google Search

Search Listing is the most commonly used. By subscribing to this, advertisers can have their website's link to appear on the top and bottom on the list for specific keywords and location of the user. It can also appear by the side of the list as a related link. This is the most direct way of pointing users to you website.

Google Display

Online Banner is more targeted than Search Listing but is allows advertisers to send pertinent messages to the user. It appears as a hyperlink in specific websites that directs the user to the advertiser's site. The hyperlink can contain short messages, animations and graphics to make it more interesting.

YouTube Video Ads

For those who rely on video or moving imagery to convey the message, YouTube Video Ad is the answer. This product enables the advertiser to place a short video of their product at the beginning of the video clips selected by users in YouTube.


Youtube Live

Youtube Ads

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Google Search

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