With the increasing popularity of social media tools and platforms among Web users, marketing and advertising trends are quickly shifting to take advantage of this development.

The popularity of social media networks like blogs, forums, podcasts, and social networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter allows people of all ages sharing similar interests to congregate and interact. Therefore, it is advantageous for online marketers and business owners to adopt creative ways to promote their products, services, and brands to this audience.

In addition, many Web users have become immune to old-school online advertising. More and more Web users have browsers that block online ads and pop-ups, they have become sceptical about these traditional methods of advertising. They rely more on recommendations from their friends, colleagues, and peers.

Our marketing consultants are experienced and adept at adopting creative marketing methods to help you promote your services and products using social media network platforms.

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Social Media Marketing

Optima Innovations will develop a social media marketing campaign for you, designed to build brand awareness, drive customer engagement, improve customer service, generate online buzz, and boost your search engine ranking as well as web site traffic.

The Optima Social Media Marketing Strategy


Facebook Marketing

Facebook has more than 500 million users. It is one of the world's largest social networks. Any corporation or organization that is serious about social media marketing, therefore, must take advantage of Facebook's large user base to create a strong marketing campaign targeted at these users.

Optima Innovations offers the most effective solution to simultaneously establish and promote your brand message across the Facebook platform as well as other social networks and 3rd party web sites with just a few clicks. Every Facebook marketing campaign we build and launch on the Facebook platform, through our Facebook Marketing Service, offers a lead generation component or can be linked to one. Whether you want to generate leads, build brand awareness or drive deep user engagement, our Facebook marketing campaigns offer a wide variety of effective social marketing tools to meet their goals.

Facebook Page Management

Facebook offers businesses a way to connect with and disseminate information to their consumers using Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages allows dynamic content so that you can present your audience with the latest news, events, photos, videos, and even special offers and coupons. You can also offer quizzes, contests, virtual gifts, and more.

Our Facebook specialists can help you create a Facebook Page for your brand or company that will maximize user interaction and engagement using various creative Facebook applications. As a result, your Facebook fan base will grow and they in turn will spread the word of mouth about your brand or services to their fellow Facebook friends.

Optima Innovations also offers a complete Facebook Ad campaign set-up service as part of our Facebook Page Management Service, including creative development, audience targeting, setting bids, including estimated monthly number of click-through and ad budget, day parting (scheduling what days and times ads will run) and landing page selection.

Facebook Campaign Management

Our Facebook campaign management program helps you generate traffic to your Facebook Page and increase the visibility and exposure of your brand using both the Facebook platform and third party web sites.

Our services include:

Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis

We monitor the social activities and user behavior on your Facebook Page as well as the viral reach of your Facebook campaign daily. This generates valuable insight on how well your campaign is working as well as key weaknesses in the campaign that we can strive to overcome.

Facebook Campaign Maintenance

This includes continuing updates to the Facebook Page content and functionality in order to keep the Facebook Page content fresh and engaging.

Facebook Community Management

This includes the activities that are required to drive traffic to the Facebook Page and build the fan base, such as:

  • Share/Post your Facebook Page launch on existing Facebook profiles to convert friends and profile visitors to visit your Facebook Page.
  • Continuously post updates and moderate comments on your Facebook Page to help engage with fans
  • Respond to Fan requests
  • Create Events within your Facebook Page. When fans RSVP, their friends will see this as well
  • Post messages in related Groups. We use Facebook's search function to post messages in related groups about the existence of your Facebook Page
  • Email your Facebook Page URL to mailing lists and invite relevant contacts to become Fans of your Facebook

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